Anyone who works really hard knows success doesn't come easily. It's all about the sweat equity you've invested in the game. Whether you're goin' hard at work or in the gym, GH Wheels, LLC represents that mentality of getting your hustle on and never giving up.

GH Wheels is a new breed of wheels that makes a personal statement about your lifestyle. The original designs were inspired by weight plates at the gym and literally represented taking the gym to the streets. Our company is also known for introducing the world's first and only MMA Wheels.

GH Wheels also represents a lifestyle, which is displayed through its apparel, accessories, and future supplement and exercise equipment line.

At GH Wheels, we design and manufacture limited production, hand built wheels with the highest quality engineering and materials available.

Each set of wheels is built-to-order once you choose the style, fitment and finish that fulfill your aspiration.

Forged, heat-treated 6061 T6 Aluminum Allow is used in all GH Wheels products to achieve the utmost in strength-to-weight ratios.

Each wheel is hand assembled to achieve consistent, world class quality.

Edward Dwayne Garrett
sema Founder & CEO
GH Wheels, LLC